Tiki Brew

This is one of my favorite places on earth!

I've loved the tropics and tiki culture since learning to surf as a young teenager and have travelled all over the world to surf, enjoy life and sample the local brews since. To me tiki symbolizes that tropical feeling, you know, toes in the hot sand on warm sunny day with a cold beer in hand, relaxing after a long day in the water under the sun.

I started out with a small home-brew kit in 2010 and have continuously upgraded my system and brewing knowledge ever since. I earned a Professional Certificate in Brewing from UCSD and have worked in a few local craft breweries in North County San Diego but my passion is home brewing Belgian and Brett style beers. I try to have 3 different beers on tap but between riding my gravel & mountain bikes, hiking, stand up paddling/surfing, traveling, yard work and landscaping projects i don't brew as often as i'd like.